Last Issue, 2016

Ken Madden, Mark Rapoport, Colleen Maxwell


The editorial board of the Canadian Geriatrics Journal would like to present the last issue of 2016, addressing a wide variety of geriatric and gerontological topics. Dr. David Hogan and Dr. Montero-Odasso(1) call on the Canadian Geriatrics Society to develop a Falls and Fractures Special Interest Group, which is an attempt to systematically improve fall prevention in vulnerable seniors on a national level. Hategan et al.(2) examine the associations between emergency department use and homelessness in the geriatric population. Clinical gaps in the in-patient care of geriatric in-patients with heart failure, as perceived by the patient’s caregivers, are systematically examined by Azad et al.(3) A careful methodological examination of the Team Standardized Assessment of Clinical Encounter Report (Team StACER) is performed by Dr. Camilla Wong et al.,(4) and Heckman et al.(5) examine the key quality assurance components involved in providing good community dementia care.

We would like to thank the membership of the Canadian Geriatrics Society for their continuing support for the Canadian Geriatrics Journal, especially all the members who volunteered their time to review and improve the papers.

See you in 2017!


1 Montero-Odasso M, Hogan DB. Falls & fall-related injuries special interest group: a call to action. CGJ. 2016;19(4):202–3.

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Canadian Geriatrics Journal, Vol. 19, No. 4, December 2016