Community Care for Older Adults—the Patient/Caregiver Perspective

Kenneth M. Madden, Colleen Maxwell, Mark Rapoport
Editorial Board, Canadian Geriatrics Journal.


Our June 2017 issue focuses on a number of original research articles examining community care from the point of view of both patients and caregivers. Figueiredo et al.(1) demonstrate, using cross-sectional data, that simply asking older adults their self-reported health status can be suggestive of a need for further rehabilitation services. We also present the results of a CIHR-funded conference that used qualitative methods to examine the barriers and challenges to caregiver access of community supports.(2) A qualitative study by Piraino et al.,(3) using both focus group and individual interviews, also examines the potential of online networks to assist in longstanding community-care issues such as communication and the sharing of information.




1 Figueiredo S, Rozensveig A, Morais JA, Mayo N. Planning health services for seniors: can we use patient’s own perception? CGJ. 2017;20(2):66–74.

2 Charles L, Brémault-Phillips S, Parmar J, Johnson M, Sacrey LA. Understanding how to support family caregivers of seniors with complex needs. CGJ. 2017;20(2):75–84.

3 Piraino E, Byrne K, Heckman GA, Stolee P. Caring in the information age: personal online networks to improve caregiver support. CGJ. 2017;20(2):85–93.

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Canadian Geriatrics Journal, Vol. 20, No. 2, June 2017