“I Hope That the People Caring for Me Know About Me”: Exploring Person-Centred Care and the Quality of Dementia Care


  • Bryan B Franco University of Alberta
  • Veronique M. Boscart Conestoga College
  • Jacobi Elliott University of Waterloo
  • Sherry Dupuis University of Waterloo
  • Lisa Loiselle University of Waterloo
  • Linda Lee Conestoga College; McMaster University
  • George A. Heckman University of Waterloo; Schlegel-UW Research Institute for Aging




person-centred care, dementia, quality of care, quality improvement



Person-centred care is at the core of high-quality dementia care but people living with dementia are often excluded from quality improvement efforts. We sought to explore person-centred care and quality of care from the perspectives of persons living with dementia in the community and their care partners.


We used a qualitative descriptive approach with in-person, semi-structured interviews with 17 participants (9 persons living with dementia and 8 care partners) from Ontario, Canada.


Participants report that person-centred care is essential to the quality of dementia care. Three themes were identified that describe connections between person-centred care and quality of care: 1) “I hope that the people looking after me know about me”, 2) “I just like to understand [what’s happening] as we go down the road”, and 3) “But the doctor doesn’t even know all the resources that are available.” Participants perceived that quality indicators over-emphasized technical/medical aspects of care and do not entirely capture quality of care.


Persons living with dementia and their care partners provide important insights into person-centredness and quality of care. Their perspectives on “quality” may differ from clinicians and researchers. Research is needed to better integrate their perspectives in quality improvement and person-centred care.


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Franco BB, Boscart VM, Elliott J, Dupuis S, Loiselle L, Lee L, Heckman GA. “I Hope That the People Caring for Me Know About Me”: Exploring Person-Centred Care and the Quality of Dementia Care. Can Geriatr J [Internet]. 2022 Dec. 1 [cited 2023 Jun. 6];25(4):336-4. Available from: https://cgjonline.ca/index.php/cgj/article/view/597



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