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Explore the collection of Top 10 articles that have been most viewed on the Canadian Geriatrics Journal website from January 1 - December 31, 2023. The list does not rank the quality, significance, or impact of the content but brings to your attention the articles from the Journal that are of greatest interest to our readership. 


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1 Using the Clinical Frailty Scale in Allocating Scarce Health Care Resources
Kenneth Rockwood, Olga Theou
Vol. 23 No. 3 (2020) 2386 2842 5228
2 A Scoping Review of Frailty and Acute Care in Middle-Aged and Older Individuals with Recommendations for Future Research
David B. Hogan, Colleen J. Maxwell, Jonathan Afilalo, Rakesh C. Arora, Sean M. Bagshaw, Jenny Basran, Howard Bergman, Susan E. Bronskill, Caitlin A. Carter, Elijah Dixon, Brenda Hemmelgarn, Kenneth Madden, Arnold Mitnitski, Darryl Rolfson, Henry T. Stelfox, Helen Tam-Tham, Hannah Wunsch
Vol. 20 No. 1 (2017) 2427 191 2618
3 Blood Pressure Targets for Older Patients—Do Advanced Age and Frailty Really Not Matter?
Amanda Giffin, Kenneth M. Madden, David B. Hogan
Vol. 23 No. 2 (2020) 708 1593 2301
4 Avoidable Hospitalizations in Persons with Dementia: a Population-Wide Descriptive Study (2000–2015)
Claire Godard-Sebillotte, Erin Strumpf, Nadia Sourial, Louis Rochette, Eric Pelletier, Isabelle Vedel
Vol. 24 No. 3 (2021) 2011 164 2175
5 Case Study Application of an Ethical Decision-Making Process for a Fragility Hip Fracture Patient
Lynn Haslam, Vincent DePaul
Vol. 22 No. 1 (2019) 644 1314 1958
6 Comparative Risk of Harm Associated with Zopiclone or Trazodone Use in Nursing Home Residents: a Retrospective Cohort Study in Alberta, Canada
Jennifer A. Watt, Susan E. Bronskill, Meng Lin, Erik Youngson, Joanne Ho, Brenda Hemmelgarn, Sharon E. Straus, Andrea Gruneir
Vol. 26 No. 1 (2023) 853 1056 1909
7 “I Hope That the People Caring for Me Know About Me”: Exploring Person-Centred Care and the Quality of Dementia Care
Bryan B Franco, Veronique M. Boscart, Jacobi Elliott, Sherry Dupuis, Lisa Loiselle, Linda Lee, George A. Heckman
Vol. 25 No. 4 (2022) 1199 679 1878
8 Factors Associated with Falls in Canadian Long Term Care Homes: a Retrospective Cohort Study
Jason Kuhnow, Matthias Hoben, Lori E. Weeks, Brittany Barber, Carole A. Estabrooks
Vol. 25 No. 4 (2022) 785 825 1610
9 The New Criteria for Alzheimer’s Disease - Implications for Geriatricians
Pierre Molin, Kenneth Rockwood
Vol. 19 No. 2 (2016) 114 1247 1361
10 Social Vulnerability and Frailty in Hospitalized Older Adults
Jasmine C. Mah, Judith Godin, Susan J. Stevens, Janice M. Keefe, Kenneth Rockwood, Melissa K. Andrew
Vol. 26 No. 3 (2023) 665 686 1351